TikTok is testing Snapchat-like streaks

In order to have users spend more time on the platform and ramp up engagement, TikTok is testing streaks that are similar to what people see on Snapchat.

TikTok confirmed that it is testing the feature but didnโ€™t provide any statement related to it. The company said that it is experimenting with the streaks feature in limited markets and select users.

The rules for getting a streak are simple: You have to DM someone for more than three days in a row. Once you do that, you will get a streak badge displayed on the chat, along with the number of streak days. In the past few days, multiple users have posted on social media about seeing the TikTokโ€™s streaks feature on their app.

A streak ends when neither person sends messages in a chat within 24 hours of the last message. TikTok nudges people when their streak is about to end to keep it going.

Users can turn off these notifications through Settings > Privacy > Notifications > Streak settings. The menu also provides an option for turning off in-app streak notifications.

Historically, Snapchat streaks are a status symbol among friends to prove how close you are to a person and how often you interact with them. TikTok is trying to invoke a similar sentiment with its own take on streak.

Last year, Snap banked on this fact and introduced a paid feature to let users pause a Streak. The company also added the ability to restore streaks.

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