Canva launches a proper enterprise product — and they mean it this time

Back in 2019, Canva, the wildly successful design tool, introduced what the company was calling an enterprise product, but in reality it was more geared towards teams than fulfilling true enterprise requirements. On Thursday, the company changed that, announcing a new enterprise version that is truly geared towards the needs of larger organizations. That includes … Read more

Remark puts thousands of human product experts into AI form

Shopping is fun, but making a decision on one set of skis among thousands of possibilities is not. That’s where Remark comes in. The two-year-old startup is helping shoppers buy with more confidence, said Theo Satloff, co-founder and CEO of Remark.  It does this by pairing shoppers with high-quality product experts via an asynchronous live … Read more

Auggie’s new app helps parents find community and shop

A new startup called Auggie is aiming to give parents a single platform where they can shop for products and connect with each other. The company’s new app, which launched this week, offers parents a platform where they can share product recommendations, shop vetted products and find community amongst each other to get real-time advice … Read more

Bugcrowd, the crowdsourced white-hat hacker platform, acquires Informer to ramp up its security chops

On the heels of raising $102 million earlier this year, Bugcrowd is making good on its promise to use some of that funding to make acquisitions to strengthen its security chops. The company — which crowdsources skills from more than half a million hackers to find and fix security vulnerabilities and other operational loopholes in … Read more

Unify helps developers find the best LLM for the job

When developers have a particular job that AI can solve, it’s not typically as simple as just pointing an LLM at the data. There are other considerations such as cost, speed and accuracy and finding ways to balance all of those has been particularly challenging, especially with so many new models coming online all the … Read more

Boeing, NASA indefinitely delay crewed Starliner launch

If you’ve been looking forward to seeing Boeing’s Starliner capsule carry two astronauts to the International Space Station for the first time, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. The mission, which has already been beset by issues with both the rocket and helium tanks, is now delayed indefinitely, NASA said in a statement late … Read more

Truecaller partners with Microsoft to let its AI respond to calls in your own voice

AI has already started replacing voice agents’ jobs. Now, companies are exploring ways to replace the existing computer-generated voice models with synthetic versions of human voices. Truecaller, the widely known caller ID service, is the latest to take this approach with its announcement that it will now allow customers to use its AI-powered Assistant to … Read more helps developers prevent personal information from leaking, a startup that helps developers ensure their code doesn’t leak personally identifiable information (PII), came out of stealth Wednesday and announced a $3.1 million seed round lead by E14, Mozilla Ventures and ex/ante, in addition to a number of angel investors. Unlike other scanning tools, HoundDog actually looks at the code a developer is … Read more