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Galaxy Watch FE Intro

Although we’re prime for a major Galaxy Watch device refresh this July, Samsung has already opened the floodgates and announced the Galaxy Watch FE a while ago. 

As far as wearables go, this new watch doesn’t deliver anything terribly exciting to the table; on the contrary, it’s an extremely affordable take on Samsung’s core smartwatches which aims to deliver (mostly) the same Galaxy Watch experience.

Starting at just $199, the Galaxy Watch FE supports many of the features that made watches like the Galaxy Watch 4, 5, and 6 such safe buys that are great value for money. 

What’s new about the device

  • Very affordable $199 price
  • A single 40mm size 
  • Sapphire crystal screen
  • 5ATM water
  • BioActive Sensor on board

Table of Contents:

Galaxy Watch FE Specs

As far as specs go, the Galaxy Watch FE is mostly similar to previous Galaxy Watch devices. 

Galaxy Watch FE Design & Sizes

Affordable and simple
Nothing too extraordinary happening here: the Galaxy Watch FE closely follows the timeless and easy-going design language employed by Samsung’s regular smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 6. 

With an aluminum case and scratch-resistant sapphire glass on top of the display, the Galaxy Watch FE doesn’t have a rotating bezel but still employs the dual action buttons on the right-hand side for quick and easy navigation and access to core functions. It’s also waterproof up to 5ATM, or 50 meters of water, which should be enough to ensure a peace of mind. 

The watch is available in a single 40mm size, so it comes with a relatively small 1.2-inch AMOLED screen. 

Overall, nothing too fancy, but everything looks pretty okay given the affordable $199 starting price of the wearable. 

Galaxy Watch FE Bands

One Click for the win

Thankfully, the Galaxy Watch FE uses Samsung’s new One Click band system, which allows you to, well, switch bands so easily, with just a single click.

No new bands have been released alongside the Galaxy Watch FE, but you should be able to use any one-click compatible bands with it. 

Galaxy Watch FE Software & Features

The latest and greatest 

The Galaxy Watch FE comes with the latest One UI Watch 5, which means its software is pretty much on par with other compact Galaxy Watch wearables. 

The new Galaxy Watch tracks a hundred different workouts and also comes with all the essential health and fitness-related sensors one might need. There’s the BioActive sensor at the bottom, which tracks different data. There’s also an ECG monitor and body composition sensor for taking a more in-depth look at your body, as well as advanced sleep tracking. 

Just like other Galaxy Watches, you can’t use this one with an iPhone. While it can be paired with any Android phone, some features like ECG require a Galaxy phone.

Galaxy Watch FE Battery and Charging


As far as battery goes, you’ll find a 247mAh battery inside the Galaxy Watch FE. That’s smaller than the batteries inside other wearables. For example, the 40mm version of the Galaxy Watch 6 comes with a 300mAh battery, while the 44mm has a 425mAh, so the Galaxy Watch FE certainly wouldn’t be a battery champ.

Galaxy Watch FE Models and Prices

The Galaxy Watch FE comes along in a single 40mm size, making it a compatible with a wide range of wrists. 

You can get the watch in a regular, Bluetooth-only version, which starts at $199, and with cellular connectivity, though the latter will be available at a later date. 

Galaxy Watch FE Competitors

Instead of the Galaxy Watch FE, one could consider the Galaxy Watch 6. For $100 more, you get a slightly larger screen, a larger battery, and a newer chipset. Granted, this might make the Galaxy Watch FE sound like a very decent deal, these three important aspects of a smartwatch shouldn’t be overlooked in the long run.

Another rival is the Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen. While it is only compatible with iPhone, it’s a very decent wearable itself. It starts at $249, so definitely in the same price bracket as the Galaxy Watch FE. 

Galaxy Watch FE Summary and Final Verdict

Overall, the purpose of the Galaxy Watch FE is to bring the core Galaxy Watch experience to a wider audience. Judging by its starting price and pretty decent selection of features, it might very well be a blueprint for success. You’ll rarely find a sapphire screen on another wearable that affordable, for example. 

Should you get one? If you’re willing to enrich your mobile experience with a smartwatch but don’t want to break the bank, the Galaxy Watch FE might be one to get. 

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