Hurry – save 25% on the Panda Bamboo mattress with this epic spring sale

We might traditionally associate Easter with chocolate and bunny rabbits, but how about bamboo, pandas, and a brand new mattress? With 25% off the Panda Bamboo Hybrid mattress, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a premium sleep experience. But act fast, as Panda sales are rare, and they never last for very long.

The Panda Bamboo Hybrid has earned a spot in our best mattress guide thanks to its overall build and highly supportive feel – you can learn more about why we rate this mattress so highly with our Panda Bamboo Hybrid mattress review. One of the best hybrid mattresses, the Panda is good for stomach and back sleepers, or anyone after a little luxury in their sleep set-up.

Not sure if this premium bed is the one for you? Stick around to discover why this spring saving from Panda is one mattress sale you don’t want to let pass you by. 

Buy the Panda Bamboo Hybrid mattress if…

✅ You want to invest in quality: Our reviewer was impressed with the thoughtful build, overall durability, and luxury feel of this eco-friendly mattress. We think this bed is worth the money at full price, which makes this rare sale an opportunity to grab a bargain.

You sleep on your back or stomach: With a medium-firm feel and strategically zoned springs helping keep the spine aligned, the Panda hybrid is a good choice for stomach and back sleepers. It’s firm enough to keep the hips and lower back supported, while the soft bamboo cover and comfort foams add a gently contouring cushion.

You want edge-to-edge support: Thanks to its impressive edge support, you can make the most of every square inch of the Panda hybrid surface without sinking. Good edge support also helps those with limited mobility who need to push against the side of the bed to get up. Press against the sides of the Panda and you’ll find a stable base.

Buy the Panda Bamboo Hybrid mattress if…

You’re a lightweight side sleeper: The Panda hybrid is a versatile mattress, but lightweight side sleepers might find it a little too firm at the hips and shoulders. In our Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review, we were impressed by the multitude of firmness options – lightweight side sleepers should opt for ‘medium’ or ‘soft’. You can claim 50% off the Brook + Wilde Elite with the code UPTO60.

You’re on a tight budget: The Panda is a premium-priced mattress. While this discount is a big one, it’s still not the most affordable bed. Check out our Emma NextGen Premium mattress review for a budget-friendly hybrid with a similar feel. A double Emma NextGen Premium mattress is just £503.30 in the Emma spring sale. Alternatively, consider a mattress topper. In our Panda Bamboo mattress topper review, we found it was a budget-friendly way to update an old mattress. And it’s just £125.96 for a double in the Panda sale.

❌ You’re sensitive to strong smells: Our tester noted a strong mattress off-gassing smell that hung around for a week once the Panda Bamboo was setup. This scent should disappear eventually, and ventilating the room can help it clear quicker, but for those first few nights, expect the aroma to linger.

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